About Us

“From the grape to the glass..”

is a great deal more than just a slogan at Crux Imports – it is our pledge of total commitment to quality at every step, ensuring the selection and delivery of only the finest wines to our customers. Beginning with personal visits to the vineyards, meeting and talking with the owners and winemakers, and warehousing and delivery of our wines under strict control of temperature and conditions, we leave no stone unturned in our efforts to ensure our carefully selected wines are delivered to the customer in pristine condition.

Our predecessor, Bodegas de Mendoza, Inc., began in 2001 as a small company that recognized early on the potential in the wines of Argentina, and especially the Malbec grape. They began visits to dozens of wineries in Argentina, many of them still quite small, and began establishing relationships with some of the more promising ones.

This proved to be quite prescient, as several of the wineries have grown and achieved recognition for the quality of their wines, and Bodegas de Mendoza grew and expanded along with them, achieving regional recognition for their Malbecs and other wines.

Meanwhile, Bodegas de Mendoza began adding wines from other countries, including France, Spain, New Zealand, and the U.S.

This increased activity attracted attention from other companies, and in 2011 Crux Imports, Inc. acquired Bodegas de Mendoza, continued expanding the portfolio, and began expanding sales outside the initial market area of the southeastern U.S. Under the new ownership, expansion is now becoming nationwide under partnership with distributors in other states.

Crux welcomes inquiries from distributors, and remains committed to the quality and service begun by Bodegas de Mendoza.