Hillas Beer

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Introducing Hillas Beer from Greece. The beer that is dedicated to the ancient art of brewing. Brewed at the Macedonian Thrace Brewery in Komotini, Greece with the finest malt & hops available in the world. Read the complete review !

Review Highlights
  • Pours a bright gold color with a perfect head.
  • Head fades slowly, but leaves a nice layer on the top.
  • Aroma is very crisp and clean.
  • Nice maltiness with some hops in there to make it fairly well rounded.
  • Simple and clean - malty without being sweet.
  • Enough hops to nicely balance the malts, but that's all.
  • The malt is definitely what comes through here.
Overall impression
  • New on the shelf here in Huntington Beach - apparently this is imported and distributed by a company located right here.
  • I was surprised to see this wasn't in the database yet - must be brand new over here.
  • This was a very drinkable beer - all the clean, crisp qualities American micros claim to have and none of the adjunct tastes.
  • Very refreshing beer - this would go great with any Greek cuisine!

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